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 New texts show Hunter Biden complaining his money is ‘all gone’ and seeking dad’s help: ‘Can’t pay alimony’
By Josh Christenson   
Published Sep. 27, 2023, 8:12 p.m. ET

Hunter Biden told his uncle James in December 2018 that he had run out of money and needed financial assistance from his father, according to new text messages revealed in IRS whistleblower documents.

The now-first son told James Biden that the millions of dollars he’d scooped from his business deals abroad was “all gone” and he could no longer afford school tuition for his three daughters or even basic living expenses.

“I can work when I’m in NYC all day every day for the next 3 months,” Hunter said in the Dec. 29, 2018, message to his uncle.

“But I can’t pay alimony w/o Dad or tuitions or for food and gas. Really it’s all gone.”

“I can go make it up in 15/20 days I’m sure, but he’s basically made it clear that he’s not paying alimony b/c Mom made clear that she won’t do it,” he added.

Hunter also said he was moving into his dad’s Delaware mansion after the collapse of his relationship with his sister-in-law-turned-lover Hallie Biden.

“Hallie wont [sic] allow me to be at the house or lend me or pay me back any money,” Hunter went on. “Ashley moves into momoms [sic] house after I told dad that I would move in there. … That night I tell dad I want to probably stay in the areaand [sic] specifically I wanted to live by you and teach my course at Penn and maybe develop another one.”
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Things got so bad for Hunter that his dope man had to go out and get a job.
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