Author Topic: He was investigated for sexting a student at the Coast Guard Academy. He’s now a college president.  (Read 697 times)

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He was investigated for sexting a student at the Coast Guard Academy. He’s now a college president.
By Melanie Hicken, Audrey Ash, Curt Devine, Blake Ellis and Pamela Brown
Published 4:29 PM EDT, Thu September 21, 2023
A college president, who wants his campus to become the business school “of choice for women,” once exchanged hundreds of sexually suggestive messages with a student he taught at the prestigious Coast Guard Academy, prompting prosecutors to recommend charges against him in military court, according to confidential records obtained by CNN.

Attorneys at the Coast Guard were so troubled by Capt. Glenn Sulmasy’s actions — and by the fact that he continued to work with students — that they recommended in early 2016 that he be charged with conduct unbecoming an officer even though he had retired from the service the prior year.

“Prosecution appears to be the only proper course of action,” an attorney wrote in a February 2016 memo laying out the prosecution recommendation. Failing to act, the attorney added, could attract “significant negative publicity by the media, Congress and internal staff for the appearance of sweeping the case under the rug.”
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He now heads Nichols College, a small school in Massachusetts that focuses on business and leadership education.
The significant info CNN should have placed higher in the story. In any event, this story is disgusting.
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