Author Topic: Merrick Garland Shoots Himself in the Foot With Sloppy Ray Epps Plea Deal: It’s Worse Than You Think  (Read 568 times)

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Merrick Garland Shoots Himself in the Foot With Sloppy Ray Epps Plea Deal: It’s Worse Than You Think

September 22, 2023 (11 hours ago)

Earlier this week the DOJ charged infamous Fedsurrection provocateur Ray Epps with a single misdemeanor account of “disorderly conduct. Despite what the increasingly desperate regime media would have us think, it is simply ridiculous to think that such a weak misdemeanor charge, issued nearly three years after January 6th, could possibly quell suspicions regarding the true nature of Epps’ involvement in the January 6th Fedsurrection.

As demonstrated extensively in a recent Revolver piece, this recent move only makes the regime look clumsy and utterly desperate to salvage the crumbling narrative regarding Epps and January 6th. The great January 6 journalist Julie Kelly has additionally speculated that the timing of the misdemeanor charge suggests that it could have been specifically intended to allow Epps (and potentially the feds) to avoid the potential disaster of having Epps testify as a witness in the case of another January 6th defendant with whom he interacted. This is precisely what happened in the case of Steve Robeson, one of the many informants who participated in the disgraced Michigan “Fednapping” entrapment plot, who was conveniently slapped with a bogus gun charge just in time to prevent him from testifying in the trials of the other alleged “plotters.”

Yesterday, the government released its meager 14-page “Statement of Offense” for James Ray Epps Sr. (Ray Epps’ full legal name) to accompany Epps’ guilty plea. After reading this document, it is still clearer that the DOJ’s decision to charge Ray Epps is just as disingenuous as Ray Epps’ participation in the events of January 6th. As an exercise, we will go through the statement of offense’s description of Epps’ behavior and compare it to what is already in the public record.

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Why would Epps keep his mouth shut though? It doesn't make sense.

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When Ray Epps urged people to trespass inside the Capitol, he knew it was a crime because he had an outstanding warrant for criminal trespass in Pennsylvania from 2015. He wasn’t the only one removed from the FBI suspects list - so what really happened on J6?
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Why would Epps keep his mouth shut though? It doesn't make sense.

I am guessing it involves money.
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I am guessing it involves money.

Or a dead girl or live boy.
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