Author Topic: Federal judge refuses to give Hunter Biden 'special treatment,' orders him to appear in court  (Read 282 times)

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Federal judge refuses to give Hunter Biden 'special treatment,' orders him to appear in court

On Tuesday, Biden's attorneys asked U.S. Magistrate Judge Christopher Burke to allow Biden to make his initial court appearance by video.

Attorney Abbe Lowell argued the "financial impact on government resources and the logistical burden" of Biden traveling from California to Delaware means he should be allowed to enter his "not guilty" plea remotely. Lowell called the demand a "common-sense request" and said that opposition to it is "puzzling."

But prosecutors sharply disagreed.

In a response filed on Wednesday, prosecutors argued that "if 'convenience' was a legitimate basis to warrant virtual proceedings, every defendant would ask for them in every case."

"An in-person hearing is important to promote the public’s confidence that the defendant is being treated consistently with other defendants in this District and in other Districts," prosecutors said. "Given the serious felony gun charges at issue in this case, this Court should have an opportunity to assess the defendant in a live setting when discharging its obligations ... and considering recommendations for conditions of release."................
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No biggy, son of dufous will hop on a free government flight with his free SS security team and go to the hearing, after which the democrat media outlets will vilify the judge for crucifying poor saint Hunter.