Author Topic: Biden’s DHS let 200,000 illegal immigrants fly directly into 43 cities  (Read 173 times)

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Biden’s DHS let 200,000 illegal immigrants fly directly into 43 cities
by Paul Bedard, Washington Secrets Columnist
September 21, 2023 08:49 AM

The Biden administration has unleashed a new program to boost illegal immigration that allows immigrants to fly directly from their hometowns into a U.S. city of their choice, according to newly obtained records.

Instead of rushing the Texas border, the program lets immigrants use the administration’s app to pick a destination, buy an airline ticket, and fly in unseen on what amounts to ghost flights.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, which sued the Department of Homeland Security for the documents on the program, over 210,000 have been processed since January. That is a population the size of Rochester, New York, or Des Moines, Iowa.

“DHS cajoles tens of thousands of intending illegal border-crossers per month to instead go on the CBP One smartphone application, and make an appointment with U.S. officials at land ports of entry instead of crossing illegally. After making an appointment, DHS invites these inadmissible aliens to walk over to the American side at the land ports, where U.S. Customs officials quickly ‘parole’ them in, allowing them to travel to a city of their choice in the nation’s interior,” the report from immigration analyst Todd Bensman said.

He has made a name for himself by reporting on the crisis from both sides of the border. This new report is among his most shocking, as the Biden team is dealing with a new emergency at the border in which tens of thousands are flooding weekly.

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