Author Topic: So Brave: Biden Says His Age, Experience Stops ‘Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans Destroying America  (Read 155 times)

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So Brave: Biden Says His Age, Experience Stops ‘Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans Destroying American Democracy’

Simon Kent 19 Sep 2023

Joe Biden, America’s oldest ever president, said Monday night the focus on his age as he seeks a return to the White House in 2024 is understood before boldly declaring he is running again because Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans wanted to “destroy” U.S. democracy.

The octogenarian addressed the issue of his age during an elite fundraiser at a Broadway theatre in New York, declaring his experience helped him deal with crises like Ukraine and coronavirus, AFP reports.

Funds raised at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre gala were destined for the Biden Victory Fund.

The Broadway for Biden event was described by organizers as both a “celebration” of Biden’s political career and “a call to action, emphasizing the importance of his reelection in 2024,” as Breitbart News reported.

“A lot of people seem focused on my age,” Biden told his audience. “I get it believe me, I know it more than anyone.”

The 80-year-old added: “I’m running because democracy is at stake, because in 2024 democracy is on the ballot once again. And let there be no question: Donald Trump and his MAGA Republicans are determined to destroy American democracy.”

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So who’s going to stop Biden and his progressives from destroying America?
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