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U.S. Navy’s Latest Unmanned Surface Ships Call In Japan


U.S. Navy’s Latest Unmanned Surface Ships Call In Japan

U.S. Navy's latest drone boats, USV (unmanned surface vessel) Mariner and LUSV (large unmanned surface vessel) Ranger, made a port call at Yokosuka of Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan on August 18, a very rare opportunity to see them in Japan, including Sasebo in western Japan.
Kosuke Takahashi  18 Sep 2023

Mariner has a dark blue exterior on the lower half of the hull, and Ranger has a gray hull.

The U.S. Pacific Fleet, headquartered in Hawaii, began its second multi-domain unmanned capabilities exercise May 1, 2023. The Fleet’s exercise, called Unmanned Systems Integrated Battle Problem (UxS IBP) 23.1, is a tactical warfighting rehearsal event conducted by U.S. 3rd Fleet headquartered in San Diego, California to test and develop fleet-centric concepts and capabilities, according to the U.S. Navy.

Smokin Joe:

--- Quote ---According to a Baird Maritime report published on November 30, 2022,  both Mariner and Ranger utilize a design that was originally developed for fast crew transfer and supply duties in support of clients in the offshore oil and gas industry.
--- End quote ---

The damage Biden is doing to American industry will have long term effects undreamed of inside of the beltway.


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