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Donald Trump Promises Task Force To Review, Potentially Pardon Every Biden Admin ‘Political Prisoner,’ Including Pro-Life Activists Jailed in D.C.

Katherine Hamilton 18 Sep 2023

Former President Donald Trump has pledged to create a task force if reelected in 2024 to review and potentially pardon or commute the sentences of every “political prisoner who’s been unjustly persecuted by the Biden administration.”

The Republican presidential candidate made the announcement during his speech on Friday at the Pray Vote Stand Summit in the nation’s capital. The 45th president did so after referencing the case of five pro-life advocates who were jailed in late August after a D.C. jury found them guilty of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinics (FACE) Act and conspiracy against rights in a 2020 abortion blockade.

The same evening as Trump’s speech, three more pro-life activists involved in the blockade were found guilty and jailed, including two women in their 70s. The activists face a potential “maximum sentence of 11 years in prison, three years of supervised release, and a fine of up to $350,000,” according to President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ).

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