Author Topic: VIDEO: Ken Paxton Acquitted on All EVIDENCE-FREE Impeachment Charges  (Read 280 times)

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When you conduct an impeachment, it is a good idea to have EVIDENCE to back it up. Unfortunately the drunken Speaker of the Texas House rammed through an impeachment of state Attorney General Ken Paxton without any regard as to evidence. Fortunately, the Texas Senate was made aware by Paxton's defense team, notably the INCREDIBLE Tony Buzbee, that there was NO EVIDENCE.

In this video we see some liberal whining over the acquittal of Ken Paxton on all EVIDENCE-FREE articles of impeachment. Of note is the reaction of the Harold Stassen of the Pecos, that perennial parasitic candidate Beto O'Rourke who used the acquittal to shamelessly shill for something called "Power By People" to raise money. Everyone has assumed that the three time loser would at least skip an election cycle before running for office again but from the fact that he is shilling for bucks again this probably means he will be running for something in 2024. Since Beto is basically married to a bank account worth hundreds of millions of dollars this latest shilling by him is reminiscent of billionaire Oprah begging for money from regular working people to help residents of Maui despite the fact that she could raise millions to provide the total needed from her own resources without even noticing any difference in her lavish lifestyle.
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