Author Topic: Biden aides 'terrified' at Trump's prospects as polls show tight potential race: report  (Read 136 times)

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Bull.  Dems terrified?  The only thing that they may be terrified of is their inability to steal another election. This is the news for the day?  The real news will be when the DEMS announce who they are really going to run.

Also, the true threat to our democracy is Brandon & Company!  An old evil demented president puts a target on our backs and is a threat to our national security.

Biden aides 'terrified' at Trump's prospects as polls show tight potential race: report

President Biden's aides are reportedly terrified of losing to former President Donald Trump in a potential rematch as several polls show the two in an essential tie.

CNN reported on Thursday that polls showing no clear lead between the two candidates in a hypothetical rematch were leaving aides with "existential stress" as members of the media continue to question whether Biden should run for re-election at all.

"The former president may seem like the easier Republican candidate to beat, as a known quantity who is toxic to many voters, but they’re terrified that if he is the nominee, any fumbles by the campaign or the president himself would enable the return of a candidate they see as a singular threat to American democracy," CNN's report read. .............
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