Author Topic: The Mayor of Antifastan, Portland's Ted Wheeler, Will Not Run for Re-election  (Read 572 times)

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The Mayor of Antifastan, Portland's Ted Wheeler, Will Not Run for Re-election

Portland’s Ted Wheeler has announced he no longer wishes to be Mayor of Antifastan. Wednesday, the Portland Mayor told a distracted public, who no longer feels safe in his downtown and can’t afford gas and groceries, that he would not seek re-election. They knew what the rest of us knew: Wheeler left Portland’s City Hall a long time ago.

Wheeler’s grasp of common sense became untethered soon after his election in 2016. He handed over con of the “Portanic” to his left flank, and never looked back to see the flotsam and jetsam left in their wake.

Now that he’s helped destroy his city, he’s leaving.

Mischief managed.
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Chances are, his replacement will lean even more to the leftists...

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His job isn't done.  Someone elected next must finish the job. 
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