Author Topic: RFK Jr. lavishes praise on ‘generous’ Fox News: ‘I’m not allowed on CNN or MSNBC at all”  (Read 186 times)

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RFK Jr. lavishes praise on ‘generous’ Fox News: ‘I’m not allowed on CNN or MSNBC at all”
September 9, 2023 | Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. praised Fox News for being “very, very generous” with him in the wake of the Left trying to silence his campaign.

RFK Jr. joined Fox News host Martha MacCallum on Friday to discuss how the Democratic Party is trying to silence his campaign to win the nomination for the 2024 election. He raged against the leftist media which won’t allow his voice to be heard.

MacCallum brought up the subject of Democrats having debates to help select their nominee, not just blindly tapping a weak and flawed elderly incumbent president as their leader. She played a clip of “The View” co-host Ana Navarro saying, “There’s nobody running against Biden,” to drive her point home.

“I mean, what do you think when you hear this conversation?” MacCallum bluntly asked Kennedy.

“It is surreal. My polling numbers are better than Ron DeSantis and/or any other candidate except for Biden and Trump. But I’m you know, even when they talk about me on the DNC channels, on CNN and MSNBC, they always refer to me, my first name as a longshot candidate, whereas everybody else has a candidacy that is taken seriously,” Kennedy responded, expressing his frustration with his own party.

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