Author Topic: Leftist Activist Arrested In Loudoun County After Threatening To Burn Down Historic Site, Sheriff Sa  (Read 886 times)

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Leftist Activist Arrested In Loudoun County After Threatening To Burn Down Historic Site, Sheriff Says
Member of 'Loudoun Love Warriors' is allies with Soros-funded prosecutor Buta Biberaj, has said he 'doesn't care about jail.'
By  Luke Rosiak
Sep 5, 2023
A Leftist activist who is part of the “Loudoun Love Warriors,” a group that works closely with Democrat politicians in Virginia’s Loudoun County and has threatened members who challenge its policy goals, was arrested Friday for allegedly making violent threats, The Daily Wire has learned.

Derek Summers, a rapper who frequently poses with guns on social media, was arrested on Friday and “charged with a class five felony under Virginia law for making a threat against Oatlands, a historic property in Leesburg, Virginia,” according to a spokeswoman for the Loudoun County sheriff’s office, which was notified about the threat by the property.

In a video posted to his Facebook, Summers said he became enraged after seeing people having a “good time” at Oatlands, a historic site that dates back to colonial times, because there used to be slaves there. ...

Summers maintains ties with top officials in the county — in addition to a close relationship with far-Left prosecutor Buta Biberaj, Summers was once invited to the White House by the county’s top official, Chair Phyllis Randall, who he called his “biGG sistah” and a “friend.”  ...
Luke Rosiak
A member of the Loudoun Love Warriors, a band of aides+volunteers to local pols who pledged to destroy the lives of conservative parents, was arrested for alleged felony threats, but he says he's not worried that he'll be convicted.
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Why does this not surprise me.

Oatlands was one of the many old plantation homes I visited in my youth as part of our family outings and vacations.
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