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71% Of Americans Say Trump Can't Get An Impartial Jury: Survey


71% Of Americans Say Trump Can't Get An Impartial Jury: Survey
WEDNESDAY, AUG 30, 2023 - 08:40 AM
Authored by Joseph Lord via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

A majority of Americans, more than seven in 10, don't think President Donald Trump can get an impartial jury in his ongoing legal battles according to a new survey about Americans' trust in the broader legal system.
The poll, conducted by Ipsos, surveyed Americans from the general population and the population of those who have served on juries in the past 10 years to learn their attitudes toward various aspects of the criminal justice system.

The poll found that former jurors were more likely than the general population to trust in the criminal justice system as a whole, including attorneys across all fields, judges, and state and local law enforcement.

They also had a nearly 20 percent more favorable view of their fellow citizens serving on juries than their peers: 76 percent of former jurors reported "a great deal" or "a fair amount" of trust in jurors, compared to 58 percent of non-jurors—the highest level of trust across both groups for all legal positions discussed.

But Americans are less optimistic about former President Donald Trump's chances of receiving an impartial jury in one of the cases against him relating to his alleged illegal retention of classified documents. Only the documents case, one of four ongoing trials against the former president, was asked about.

TRUE. I believe he will get convicted... Maybe multiple times, but will find succor in the appellate courts. If he does not succeed in the appellate environment, I think folks better start looking at all this differently. Because outside of the lawfare that I readily admit, and outside of the liberal jurisdictions that happily charged him, if he truly broke the law, that's a different thing.

Smokin Joe:
You just know the other 29% are likely Democrats or other Trump Haters keeping mum and hoping he'll get nailed.

Especially with the coverage his legal  issues has been getting


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