Author Topic: New ‘sighting’ of Loch Ness monster captured in ‘most exciting’ photos ever  (Read 464 times)

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New ‘sighting’ of Loch Ness monster captured in ‘most exciting’ photos ever

By Brooke Steinberg   
August 31, 2023

A “sighting” of the Loch Ness Monster has resulted in photos being called the “most exciting ever” by those on the hunt for the fabled creature.

The photos — which show a “serpent”-like animal with its body on the surface of the loch — were actually taken in 2018, but photographer Chie Kelly, 51, kept them to herself in fear of public ridicule.

However, now that there’s a large ongoing search for the famed water beast — the largest Loch Ness hunt in 50 years — Kelly, a translator, was convinced to put the photos out into the world.

She and her husband, Scott, were having lunch at the Dores Inn on the banks of the loch in Inverness, Scotland, on Aug. 13, 2018, when she started to take photos.

“I was just taking pictures with my Canon camera of Scott and our daughter Alisa, who was then five, when about 200 meters from the shore, moving right to left at a steady speed was this creature,” Kelly told the Telegraph. “It was spinning and rolling at times. We never saw a head or neck. After a couple of minutes, it just disappeared and we never saw it again.”

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One of the images:

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