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Willie Nelson and Ray Charles



I spotted this while fooling around on You Boob,and while Willie and Ray doing a duet is damn hard to beat,I gotta be honest. The advertisement before the song started really blew me away.

So,enjoy both!

Music just doesn't get any better than Willie and Ray singing 7 Spanish Angels,but I now have something I thought I would never have,a all-time favorite commercial!

 BTW,for some reason the pre-music advertisement didn't show up. It was about a harness with two prosthetic front legs being attached to a big dog that seems to have been born without front legs.

You ain't see absolute joy until you have seen that dog running around and enjoying life.

I've seen this video before -- absolutely wonderful @sneakypete

No one sees the same commercials... And I don't see any *cough* Ublock Origin *cough*

But the song's a classic, which I have both played and sang, back in the day. :beer:


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