Author Topic: Dissident jet-skis 250 miles at sea to escape Xi’s China: ‘No one is safe’  (Read 1043 times)

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Dissident jet-skis 250 miles at sea to escape Xi’s China:  ‘No one is safe’

By Dana Kennedy
August 23, 2023

A Chinese dissident jet-skied 250 miles across the open sea to reach safety in South Korea after becoming an outspoken critic of leader-for-life Xi Jinping.

American-educated Kwon Pyong jumped on a jet ski last week and sped 250 miles across the Yellow Sea from China’s eastern Shandong province to Incheon, South Korea, equipped with only a helmet, binoculars, a compass — and five 6.6-gallon fuel tanks tied to his small craft.

His dramatic escape – revealed Wednesday – came after a series of China’s best-known figures, from billionaire developer Whitney Duan to tennis star Peng Shuai to mega-businessman Jack Ma of Alibaba, vanished almost completely from the public eye in a harsh expression of Xi’s power.

Outspoken critics of Xi are in just as much danger, if not more.

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Xi is proving to be as harsh as Mao. No one is permitted to express an opinion, facial recognition software can prevent a person from buying anything - even food - and what little religious freedom there may have been is quickly disappearing.
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