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‘Fountains of diamonds’ burst forth from the earth long ago, scientists reveal when it could happen again

By Chloe Whelan,
August 22, 2023

Researchers have discovered a pattern where diamonds explode from deep beneath the Earth’s surface in huge, volcanic “fountains.”

Diamonds form approximately 90 miles deep in the Earth’s crust and are brought to the surface very quickly in eruptions called kimberlites, traveling at between 11 and 82 miles per hour.

Researchers noticed kimberlites occur most often during significant disruptions among tectonic plates.

After analyzing the ages of kimberlites and the degree of plate fragmentation occurring at those times, scientists now believe the break-up of supercontinents is what causes these huge, diamond eruptions.

Thomas Gernon, a professor of Earth and climate science at the University of Southampton in England, says some of the most regular kimberlites in history occurred during the break-up of the supercontinent Pangaea, which formed many of the modern continents we know today.

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