Author Topic: Rare spotless giraffe born at Tennessee zoo believed to be only one in the world  (Read 385 times)

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Rare spotless giraffe born at Tennessee zoo believed to be only one in the world

A Tennessee zoo has welcomed a rare spotless giraffe to its family.

On July 31, Brights Zoo in Limestone announced the birth of a baby giraffe — born a solid brown color.

"Giraffe experts believe she is the only solid-colored reticulated giraffe living anywhere on the planet," Fox 8 WJW in Cleveland, Ohio, reported according to a Brights Zoo press release.

The last recorded birth of a spotless reticulated giraffe was reportedly in 1972 at the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, based on archival images.
spotless giraffe brights zoo

"From day one we’ve been in contact with zoo professionals all over the country," Fox 8 shared based on a statement offered by David Bright, director of Brights Zoo.

 "And especially the old timers, that have been around for a long time, ‘Hey, have you seen this? What’s your thoughts?’ And nobody’s seen it."

As soon as the baby giraffe was born, the Brights Zoo team immediately knew she was different.

Spots are seen at birth and since she did not have any at her delivery, the staff decided to have blood work done on the calf, Fox 8 wrote.

"Her numbers compared identically to the giraffe that was born two weeks prior to that, so we felt good. Each day she gets stronger," the news station shared on behalf of Tony Bright, founder of Brights Zoo............
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