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Here’s How The Non-Trump Candidates Need To Answer Trump-Related Questions


At The First Republican Debate, Here’s How The Non-Trump Candidates Need To Answer Trump-Related Questions

AUGUST 21, 2023

Since Fox News moderators Bret Baier and Martha McCallum have already said they plan on asking a lot of Trump-related questions at the first Republican primary debate this week, there’s something that all the non-Trump candidates need to know: The correct answers aren’t complicated.

But if any of the lower-tier contenders — which is to say, all of them, save Ron DeSantis — are looking for a reason to disqualify themselves now, there are plenty of wrong answers to offer instead. Let’s take them one by one.

Hypothetical Question 1: Do you believe that the former president is potentially guilty of criminal conduct with regard to any of the four indictments he currently faces?

Disqualifying answer: “The president is innocent until proven guilty, and he deserves his day in court.” Or: “Trump was a great president, and I’m thankful for the things he accomplished in office. At the same time, we need to move on from the constant drama and baggage that he brings to the table.”

Any answer that fails to reject the very legitimacy of the left’s pursuit of Trump is a flop. That’s not to say anyone needs to defend or excuse his conduct. The point is that up until Trump, the same conduct by anyone else has never been deemed criminal, which is to say nothing of it being worthy of prosecution with the full weight of the Justice Department. This isn’t about Trump or due process. It’s about the left’s growing belief that political differences should be settled not with elections but by physical force.

Hypothetical Question 2: Do you believe the 2020 election was stolen, and if not, will you say tonight that you accept the result of that election and will do the same in 2024?

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Maj. Bill Martin:
I disagree.  I think there may be some legal merit to some of the document claims.  Rest are bogus, though.

Even the document claims involve some degree of selective prosecution, but that doesn't mean they are frivolous or insufficient as a matter of law.

I am really interested in seeing if Trump takes the formal legal position that he can declassify documents simply by "thought" , or by an alleged verbal statement of which there was no contemporaneous record made.  I'd like to see that one go up on appeal, and see what happens.


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