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Trump Has Zero Shot At Winning The Most Important Election In History


Trump Has Zero Shot At Winning The Most Important Election In History

Scott Morefield
Aug 21, 2023

Clarence Thomas is 75 years old. Samuel Alito is 73. The odds that both or even one of them will make it to the end of the next presidential term are exceedingly low. If they retire, or, God forbid, get sick or die in office during that time and a Democrat is in office, the court shifts sharply left in an instant.

The backstop average Americans have long had against the worst leftist tendencies will be irrevocably removed. Given the propensity of leftist jurists to ignore the actual words of the Constitution in favor of whatever pretzel they need to turn those words into to advance leftism, that means the end of every Constitutional right we've held dear for centuries, including and especially free speech and the right to keep and bear arms. Life in America as a free citizen will be over when the last bastion of legal resistance against the left is gone. This is an incontrovertible fact.

And make no mistake, barring a miracle, that last bastion WILL be lost to us if Republicans do not win this election. An argument can and has been made that every election is important, even the most important, but that has never been more true than it is right now. Lose this time, and for the above reason and many others, the America we know and love is finished.

Which, of course, makes the standard bearer we choose to run against the Democrat all the more critical. If Donald Trump is the GOP nominee, he will carry that mantle while fighting at least four sets of felony indictments in four different jurisdictions. At some point, he could very well be running for office from house arrest or even prison, making him unelectable to all but the most die-hard Trump supporters even as he finds it impossible to mount any sort of effective campaign.

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cato potatoe:
Zero is a strong word, but I do believe the polls are illusory.  The left will dump billions of dollars on the election while the republican standard bearer is tied up in the criminal justice system.

Yes, a wasted election is pivotal.  Let's imagine a best case scenario after 8 years of Biden ... Thomas and Alito make it to 80, the democrats choose not to eliminate the filibuster and ram through every toxic menu item (starting with DC and Puerto Rico statehood, late term abortion everywhere, student loan forgiveness, eliminating tuition, universal preschool, inventing civil rights and protected classes, single payer health care, banning firearms, amnesty, expanding the supreme court, green new deal, federalizing election laws, atrocious foreign policy).  Republicans manage to capture the senate and the white house in 2028.  How will that administration get anything done?  District and appellate courts will be stacked with progressives.  Federal agencies will be radicalized as boomers retire. 

Weird Tolkienish Figure:
Conservative justices aren't as long living as liberal justices, who eat nothing but kale so they can torture us forever and never die.


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