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Joe Biden could lose the presidency because of Afghanistan



Following the heart-wrenching testimony from Gold Star families before Congress this week, Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen said the botched Afghanistan withdrawal will impact President Joe Biden as he seeks a second term on "America Reports."

MARC THIESSEN: Your heart breaks for these families, but second of all, here's where the accountability will come in. Joe Biden could lose the presidency because of Afghanistan, and I'll tell you why. People aren't voting on Afghanistan in 2024, but they're voting a referendum on Joe Biden. If you look at the poll numbers before the Afghan withdrawal, he was above 50% approval and after that withdrawal, he's sunk below 50% and has never recovered and not only did he sink below 50% on foreign policy and fighting terrorism, [but] on every single issue.

Why is that? Because Americans looked at this and they said, "One, he's lying to us and two, he's incompetent" and when people decide that you're an incompetent liar, you don't recover from that. That is a permanent, indelible mark on his presidency and so all the polls we're seeing in the two years since this happened are a reflection that it all started in

I hope America's collective memory will hold till the election.  Lord knows the MSM will not remind us of how badly Dementia Joe botched the Job.

Another useless article.

ol' white joe isn't going to be RUNNING FOR the presidency next year.


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