Author Topic: Utah and Oregon Now Require GPS Trackers on EVs in Lieu of Registration Fee, Tax Drivers by the Mile  (Read 380 times)

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Techno-Hell: Utah and Oregon Now Require GPS Trackers on EVs in Lieu of Registration Fee, Tax Drivers by the Mile

AUGUST 13, 2023

State governments have historically generated revenue to maintain roads, traffic lights, and the like by adding a tax at the pump. Owing to the federal government-prodded transition to electric vehicles (EVs) to combat something called “climate change,” states stand to lose out on this source of revenue as EVs obviously don’t require gasoline to operate.

Utah’s novel solution is to charge a “per-mile fee” for EVs with a government GPS tracker attached to monitor movement.

Via the Utah Department of Transportation:

Utah roads are maintained using taxes from gasoline sales. As vehicles become more fuel efficient and the number of electric vehicles grows, the Utah Department of Transportation and Division of Motor Vehicles is changing to a per-mile fee as a way for drivers to pay their portion of roadway operations and maintenance…
You will pay 1.00 cents per mile, deducted from the prepaid wallet, up to the amount of the flat fee. Enrolling in Utah’s Road Usage Charge program gives you access to DriveSync® for Utah DOT an app that makes your driving safer and more productive through trip tracking and driving reports.

For a little added Orwellianism, the DriveSync® app also assigns a “driving score” based on how fast the slave citizen accelerates, brakes, corners turns, and drives. The app records bad driving behavior and shows it to the slave citizen on a digital map.

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If you bought an EV because it was a Trendy" thing to do, you will pay and pay for your mistake.

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