Author Topic: 45,000-Year-Old Baby In Neanderthal Cave Belonged To Unknown Human Lineage  (Read 810 times)

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IFLScience by Ben Taub 8/8/2023

There goes the neighborhood.

Amongst the remains of the Neanderthal inhabitants of a cave in France, researchers have uncovered a hip belonging to a modern human baby. However, after noticing differences between the ancient ilium and that of more recent neonates, the authors of a new study say the infant may represent a previously unknown early lineage of Homo sapiens.

The Grotte du Renne cave is among the most intriguing Paleolithic sites in Europe as it is believed to have been inhabited around the time that modern humans replaced Neanderthals. Within the cave, researchers have uncovered large numbers of stone tools that are representative of the Châtelperronian techno-cultural complex, which arose during this transition period.

Scholars are divided as to which species invented this industry, with some believing Neanderthals came up with it by themselves, others claiming that it was the work of anatomically modern humans (AMH), and others speculating that the two hominids may have worked together. Interestingly, until now, only Neanderthal remains had been found in the Châtelperronian layer within Grotte du Renne, although modern human fossils have been noted in other caves associated with these items.

The study is published in the journal Scientific Reports.


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If it was a baby, chances are real good two hominids worked together to make it. :shrug:
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Very interesting indeed.
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