Author Topic: Chinese doctor recounts organ harvesting victim being alive and watching him  (Read 284 times)

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WND 8/12/2023

'It was horrifying beyond words'

As far back as 2004, WND was reporting how China was selling the organs of its executed prisoners, perhaps the beginning of what is considered now to be a billion-dollar organ transplant industry.

A few years later, the atrocities were documented in a religious liberties report and over the past few years, an expert warned Congress the industry was responsible for some 50,000 deaths a year and GOP members of Congress demanded that Secretary of State Anthony Blinken do something to fight the process.

But now a new report from Epoch Times has taken the horror of such atrocities to a new level.

It describes how a doctor was coerced into help remove the organs of a living man, and how he was told to extract the eyes for transplant, and when he reached, saw they were open and watching him.

The testimony in the Epoch Times report is from Zheng Zhi.

He was stationed an one of China's large military hospitals when he was called to duty with other surgeons and nurses.

They were sent on a special mission and it involved being inside a van. Four soldiers, the report said, carried in a man whose limbs were bound.

The surgical crew had been told the organs were "healthy, fresh."

Zheng was told to hold the man's legs and to his shock, they were warm to the touch.

"He watched a doctor slice open the man’s stomach and two others reach in to remove a kidney each. The man’s legs twitched and his throat moved—although no sound came out," the report said.

Another doctor told Zheng, "Cut his artery and veins, quick!" and he did, with blood gushing out.

Then he was told to extract the man's eyes.

"Dr. Zheng looked at the man’s face. Staring back at him was a pair of wide-open eyes," the report said.