Author Topic: How much does running AC/Heat reduce EV range?  (Read 400 times)

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How much does running AC/Heat reduce EV range?
« on: July 27, 2023, 02:06:07 pm »
Eastern New England is a hilly region with occasional extreme cold in Winter and occassional extreme heat in Summer.

How much does running the heat and winshield/rear window/defroster/seat warmer reduce the range of EV in Winter?  I know it will be variable, but, EV's don't have an alternator to recharge the batery as it runs.  That's more battery drain in colder weather going up and down hill, with less than optimal traction.  Regenerative braking may help recharge batter while driving, but, again, that's variable.

How much does running the A/C reduce range in the Summer?  Again, increased drain on the battery without an alternator to recharge it as it runs.  Again, regenerative braking will be variable.

How do the vehicles, batteries, and electronics hold up when exposed to salt air by the ocean?  Road salt and ocean salt air will take years off any vehicle.

Have they road tested these EV's in real world conditions, or just on flat roads in temperate weather?

Running A/C, Heat, Lights, Electronic gizmos are all drains on a battery that has to be mostly recharged while the vehicle is not running.  Just adds a whole new demension to "Are we there yet?".
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