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Wrong, Mainstream Media, Climate Change Didn’t Cause Canadian Forest Fires or the Smoke in U.S. Cities
By Anthony Watts -June 13, 20230


Last week, mainstream media outlets were abuzz with stories claiming that smoke from wildfires in Canada visibly polluting the skies in New York City, Washington, D.C., and many other cities in the northeastern United States was due to climate change. This is false. Data and history show that wildfires in Canada have not increased number or severity, and that, driven by prevailing winds, smoke from Canada’s annual wildfire season has darkened U.S. skies multiple times in the past.

Many media outlets, including The Washington Post, The New York Times, USA Today, AXIOS, and National Geographic were quick to blame Canada’s wildfires and the smoke from them on climate change without citing any credible evidence, because none exists.

Among the media’s claims are:

As climate change dropped its calling card on the East Coast last week in the form of thick, dangerous smoke, millions of Americans and Canadians shared the jarring experience — forced to retreat indoors, cancel plans, wear masks and breathe hazardous air. – The Washington Post

Canada’s devastating fires and toxic smoke might not recur every year, but the heat from climate change increases the risks of a wide range of disasters. – The New York Times

“We’re seeing events that are unknown in the historical record,” said Robert Scheller, a professor of forestry at North Carolina State University. “It’s hard to talk about without painting a grim picture.” – USA Today

The harmful veil of smoke that enveloped the country’s economic and political power centers this week presented bankers and lawmakers with an in-your-face demonstration of what climate change looks, feels and smells like. – AXIOS

As climate change drives an increase in wildfires, we’re seeing more smoke lofted into the upper atmosphere each fire season. – National Geographic

History and real-world data disprove each and every one of these claims.
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Quebec man pleads guilty to setting 14 forest fires, forcing hundreds from homes. But muh climate change!
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