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Leaked ‘Confidential’ Memo Reveals Ron DeSantis Strategy to Reassure Donors


Leaked ‘Confidential’ Memo Reveals Ron DeSantis Strategy to Reassure Donors

Jordan Dixon-Hamilton 13 Jul 2023

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is looking to reassure donors who have a growing concern about his campaign’s underwhelming performance, according to a leaked “confidential” memo obtained by NBC News.

In recent weeks, there has been growing concern among donors and other pro-DeSantis surrogates and entities about the campaign’s standstill in the polls several weeks into the race.

A Harvard poll taken last month found that former President Donald Trump led DeSantis by a margin of 67 to 33 percent, a slight decrease for DeSantis from Harvard’s May poll taken before DeSantis entered the race.

This week, it was reported that media tycoon Rupert Murdoch is losing confidence in DeSantis’s ability to defeat Trump in the Republican primary.

“One Fox News insider told Rolling Stone that Rupert and his son Lachlan Murdoch ‘are transactional and can smell a loser a mile away,’” Breitbart News detailed. “A senior Fox source told the outlet Murdoch’s ‘understandable worry is that we may end up being stuck with Trump anyway.’”


The more I hear about the DeSantis campaigns informal or formal ties to Harvard, Yale, and Nantucket billionaires, the more suspicious I get.

Are the Kleptocratic Vulture Capital and Pirate Equity Globalist crooks distracting us with abortion, transgenderism, and other "woke" stuff so they continue to pillage America?

Free Vulcan:
This looks like nothing but smoke. DeSantis just needs to work Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina and ignore all the tongue wagging.


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