Author Topic: China: White House Cocaine Scandal Proves America’s Status as ‘Drug-Infested Nation’  (Read 419 times)

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China: White House Cocaine Scandal Proves America’s Status as ‘Drug-Infested Nation’

Frances Martel 7 Jul 2023

The Chinese government propaganda outlet Global Times mocked the ongoing mystery of the discovery of cocaine in the West Wing of the White House in a column Thursday, calling America generally “drug-infested” and condemning reports that law enforcement may not be able to identify the cocaine’s owner as “ridiculous.”

The state outlet also used the scandal as an attempt to absolve the Chinese Communist Party of its substantial role in global fentanyl trafficking and the ongoing opioid crisis in America.

For years, law enforcement officials have accused China of selling precursor substances to Mexican drug cartels later used to make fentanyl in the Western Hemisphere, much of which then crosses the northern border. The Global Times admitted to China’s role in manufacturing those products but dismissed them as legal under Chinese law and not comparable to the cocaine reportedly found in the White House.

The Washington Post first reported on Monday that security officials in the White House had found a mysterious powdery substance inside the building that later tested positive for cocaine. White powders could present a major security risk, as several high-grade poisons — including anthrax and ricin — can come in the form of powder.

On Thursday, the Secret Service confirmed to Breitbart News that officials had found the cocaine in a small plastic bag near a West Wing entrance. The area is reportedly a “working” area not typically frequented by public tours but often receiving staffers or officials in the administration of President Joe Biden whose offices are elsewhere. The Washington, DC, outlet Politico reported, citing anonymous sources, that officials believe it will be “very difficult” to identify the owner of the drug.

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... says the World's largest illegal fentanyl dealer.

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Congratulations, Biden.