Author Topic: Your car is spying on you—and making personal info vulnerable to hackers  (Read 486 times)

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Your car is spying on you—and making personal info vulnerable to hackers

By John Mac Ghlionn   
July 3, 2023

Cars are getting smarter — which threatens to make drivers more vulnerable to hackers.

This means both that hackers can potentially remotely control your vehicle’s systems, and also access your personal information.

A smartphone can produce up to 3 gigabytes of data per hour.

Recently manufactured cars, on the other hand, can produce up to 25 gigabytes of data per hour — and the cars of the future will produce much more.

Andrea Amico, the founder and CEO of Privacy4Cars, a tech company dedicated to “resolving data privacy issues across the automotive ecosystem,” told The Post that cars have two main sources of data.

“The first,” he said, “involves the sensors in the vehicles, which are used to collect a host of biometric markers.”

The most common types of biometrics include voice, iris, retina recognition and fingerprint recognition. Last year, Hyundai patented eye scanner tech to replace car keys.

“The second source,” Amico added, “are the devices drivers and passengers bring inside the vehicle. Most people don’t realize that when they connect their phones [Bluetooth, wifi, USB, even if just using screen mirroring technologies such as Android Auto or Apple CarPlay] cars download all sorts of information from our personal devices.”

That includes, he said, “Anything from your actual text messages to what apps are running on your phone, as well as your social media, logs of photos taken and files downloaded and much more are sucked out from people’s devices when they connect to take a hands-free call or use their favorite mapping app.”

Much of this data is stored in the cloud, which has proven over and over to be hackable.

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Gee whiz. My 'dumb ol' 20th century rides just don't have these 'features'...

Boo Hoo. Reminds me, I have to finish the brake job on the '99 tomorrow.
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