Author Topic: DeSantis signs landmark law banning permanent alimony  (Read 683 times)

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DeSantis signs landmark law banning permanent alimony
« on: July 01, 2023, 03:22:20 pm »
DeSantis signs landmark law banning permanent alimony

by Tiana Lowe Doescher, Commentary Writer
June 30, 2023 05:13 PM

EXCLUSIVE — After more than a decade of thwarted attempts to reform alimony in the state of Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis is signing a landmark bill banning permanent alimony.

The Republican presidential candidate had previously vetoed an iteration of the law that some said would make the provision retroactive to prior alimony agreements. He thought that provision was unconstitutional. But a senior DeSantis administration official said the governor is satisfied that this latest version would not apply retroactively, thus passing state constitutional muster.

"This bill is hopefully going to reduce litigation costs because it's going to standardize the process, as opposed to there being too much subjectivity in deciding which ways alimony goes," the DeSantis official said.

No government in the 12,000 years of modern mankind history has led its people into anything but the history books with a simple lesson, don't let this happen to you.