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LARRY KUDLOW: Evidence against the Biden crime family is mounting across the board


June 9, 2023 5:43pm EDT
LARRY KUDLOW: Evidence against the Biden crime family is mounting across the board
Trump would stop the weaponization of the justice system, Kudlow says

By Larry Kudlow FOXBusiness

It's no coincidence that the Donald Trump indictment was announced on the same day the FBI FD-1023 form was finally opened up to the House members of the Oversight Committee. No coincidence!

While President Joe Biden smugly answered a reporter's question about bribery charges by saying "show me the money," well, the clock is ticking for Mr. Biden. Sources briefing Fox News Digital were very clear about the allegation that Biden was paid $5 million by a top dog at Burisma Holdings and another $5 million bucks went to Hunter Biden.   

The FBI interview came from a highly credible source, who detailed multiple meetings and conversations with the Burisma people. The pay-to-play bribe was to force Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin out of office, which is exactly what Joe Biden did. This is potentially the biggest political scandal in American history and the evidence against the Biden crime family is mounting up across the board.   

So, Biden's Attorney General Merrick Garland rushed out his special counsel's indictment of former President Trump on the same day, in a transparent attempt to distract attention from Biden’s corruption. Garland is calling these shots for Biden and, as one senator told me, "This Justice Department cannot be trusted on anything."   



It doesn't matter. They could have Biden recorded taking bribes on live tv,and nothing would happen to him.

The"FIX" is in,and it's in to insure  Trump,who is the  ONLY opposition that scares the left,can't run.

It won't be long before senior alleged Reublicans start pushing bills to have Trump removed  because the left has made promises to share the "cash skims" with them.

They already have everything but a total lock on media spin.

And maybe the dumbest thing about it is the alleged conservatives actually thinking the left is going to "share the spoils with them".


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