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LARRY KUDLOW: Biden's op-ed on the economy is chock full of Pinocchios


FOX BUSINESS Published June 8, 2023 6:56pm EDT
LARRY KUDLOW: Biden's op-ed on the economy is chock full of Pinocchios
Kudlow calls Biden's claims about the economy a 'gigantic cherry-picked exaggeration'
By Larry Kudlow FOXBusiness

Larry Kudlow: Biden hasn’t created any new jobs at all
FOX Business host Larry Kudlow says President Biden employs the ‘most anti-business economic policy ever.’

There he goes again, again! The "he" is President Joe Biden. At 1 pm today, the Wall Street Journal posted a new Biden op-ed piece on the economy, and it's chock-full of Pinocchios and other related untruths, as per usual.

The one I want to tackle, first and really foremost, is his assertion that, since he took office, our economy has somehow created more than 13 million jobs.  This is a gigantic cherry-picked exaggeration. The vast bulk of those jobs were COVID replacement, not new jobs. That's point number one.

Point number two: If you look at the broadest measure of employment, which is total civilian employment, the household survey, adjusted for population changes, that number through May is 160.7 million jobs. Now, pre-pandemic in January 2020, that number was 159.6 million. So, actually, the household employment gain is a grand total of 1.1 million from the pre-COVID baseline, which means, in effect, Mr. Biden hadn't created any new jobs at all.

And the bulk of the replacement jobs, by-the-by, the largest share of them came during the second half of 2020 under Donald Trump. And the biggest unemployment decline also came under Donald Trump.

NeverTrumper, democrat locksteppers will AVOID THIS topic like the plague.  Too much truth/reality, with no discernible lies they so dearly love.


Ok,does ANYBODY  think that Biden wrote a word of it?

Or even understands what it says?


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