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Tucker and taboo By Thomas Lifson
« on: June 09, 2023, 02:37:51 pm »
June 9, 2023
Tucker and taboo
By Thomas Lifson

Tucker Carlson apparently is planning daily posts in his "Tucker on Twitter" series.  Despite Fox News's efforts to stifle him, Tucker is forging ahead.  Most likely, the series will be Monday through Friday, given the emphasis he has put on family life and outdoor activities like fishing.

Tucker's episode 2 is an intelligent and highly interesting commentary on the role of taboo in society and culture.  As a sociology Ph.D. who has used the concept of taboo in my own work, I can aver that he is spot on. (See also James Lewis's take today on sex addiction and politics.)

Tucker makes the point that in order to control what people think, not just their behavior — what ordinary tyrants accomplish with guns — you have to control the taboos they internalize.  "What we're allowed to dislike is being dictated to us from above."

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