Author Topic: Our Nation Should Focus on Readiness, Not Politics  (Read 136 times)

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Our Nation Should Focus on Readiness, Not Politics
« on: June 09, 2023, 01:06:55 pm »
Our Nation Should Focus on Readiness, Not Politics
By Stephen Tupper
June 09, 2023
Business Wire

From an industrial perspective, we should prepare to fight in European and the Pacific theaters and not squabble on the Washington stage. The international chess board is becoming increasingly complicated and dangerous for the United States. Currently at play is an extremely dicey situation with Russia, with our nation consistently providing equipment and financial support to Ukraine. The stakes of this engagement increased exponentially recently when Russia accused the U.S. of helping Ukraine bomb the Kremlin. With retaliation likely, this “cold” war could become red hot for the United States at any moment. Simultaneously, China is increasingly primed for an all-fronts confrontation with the United States over Taiwan. Militarily, the Chinese government is bolstering its troop numbers, advancing its cyber warfare capabilities, and modernizing its physical military assets, including its submarine fleet.

Our nation inherently invites disagreement, policy battles, and concessions – it is one of the reasons the U.S. is a world superpower. But at this moment, it’s imperative we think more like our rivals and focus on the long game instead of the petty, cyclical debates that play out in the halls of Congress. That includes making investments that will compliment a modern U.S. military and solves problems that are imminent.

A major issue across service branches is recruitment and retainment. Our all-volunteer force is seeing a rapid decline in membership. One way to address this is to increase investment in drone technology. An exciting program that fits the bill is the MQ-25, the first unmanned aircraft in history to refuel another aircraft. The use of this unmanned refueling aircraft will enhance mission capability while freeing up military personnel for other assignments. The MQ-25 is a capability the Navy wants and needs. Vice Admiral Kenneth Whitesell, the Navy’s “Air Boss,” has said that MQ-25 is the “guidepath” to the air wing of the future, which could be as much as 60% unmanned. Investment in this crucial program sets the stage for what the future of naval warfare looks like.
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