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Fate of five House races shift with Supreme Court redistricting decision


Fate of five House races shift with Supreme Court redistricting decision
by Brady Knox, Breaking News Reporter |
June 08, 2023 04:54 PM

A surprise decision by the Supreme Court could change the landscape of the battle for the House in 2024, putting Republicans at a significant disadvantage.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled in Allen v. Milligan that Alabama's Republican-drawn congressional map likely violated Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act by diluting the power of black voters, which make up more than a quarter of the state's population. The decision will lead to the redrawing of states' congressional maps, creating several majority-black districts that lean heavily Democrat.

The change resulted in the Cook Political Report's Senior Editor, Dave Wasserman, changing his estimate for five different 2024 House races, all in favor of Democrats.

Two Alabama and two Louisiana races were changed from solid Republican to toss-up, while one North Carolina race was changed from toss-up to lean Democrat. The ruling threatens to change Republican fortunes in several other states across the South as well; Wasserman said that the five changes are only those that can be confirmed for now, and more changes are likely to come.

"Politically, the ruling could shake up the 2024 battle for the House, send shockwaves beyond Alabama and potentially offset a new gerrymander Republicans are likely to impose in North Carolina," Wasserman wrote. "The key states to watch are Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, and South Carolina."

Here are the five races that now could potentially face a different fate than prior to Allen v. Milligan.


Thank you John Roberts! :3:

I told you guys that Kavanaugh couldn't be trusted.

The SCOTUS in general can't be trusted; some much for conservative justices.


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