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Biden's 'watch me moment' will haunt him in 2024 after recent fall, Republican strategists say


June 5, 2023 5:00am EDT
Biden's 'watch me moment' will haunt him in 2024 after recent fall, Republican strategists say
Republicans have long questioned whether President Biden, 80, is physically and mentally capable of carrying out his official duties

By Kyle Morris | Fox News

    Republican strategists are growing increasingly concerned over President Biden's ability to serve the nation after he took a tumble last week at an Air Force event, less than a year after he told voters to "watch me" if they don't believe he has what it takes to fulfill his duties for another term in office.

Several Republicans have questioned whether the 80-year-old Biden – the oldest person to serve as president of the U.S. – is physically and mentally up to the intense demands of the White House for another four years. However, many of those questioning his abilities had done so well before he fell at the commencement ceremony at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado last Thursday.

Last November, while fielding questions from reporters at the White House, Biden dismissed concerns from two-thirds of American voters who said in a poll that he should not seek re-election. "What is your message to them and how does that factor into your final decision about whether or not to run for re-election?" one reporter asked at the time.

"It doesn't" Biden replied. Asked once more at the time what his message would be to those who oppose his endeavors to seek another term, Biden said, "Watch me."


I wish I could find it, but Biden ran a commercial in 2020 that showed him running around, running upstairs, and said if Joe Biden is elected, Americans won’t be able to keep up.

That seems tragically funny in light of all the falls and tumbles that we’ve seen since his presidency


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