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Hey Look! Proof Democrats Doctored J6 Evidence


Hey Look! Proof Democrats Doctored J6 Evidence
By Matt Margolis 2:35 PM on June 03, 2023

The House Select Committee to Investigate Jan. 6, led by Democrats, manipulated key evidence, according to an investigation by Just the News.

Since the actual evidence wasn’t enough for them to convey the narrative they wanted to present, Democrats added audio to silent security footage from the U.S. Capitol Police to create a dramatic video montage for the opening of their primetime hearings last summer.

This isn’t surprising. The committee, which was entirely handpicked by Nancy Pelosi, was never concerned with an objective presentation of facts. In fact, we’ve known since 2021 that the committee doctored text messages to make them look incriminating.

Just the News identified at least two instances where the committee’s video montage, which was broadcasted live and on C-SPAN in June 2022, did not disclose that the audio had been overlaid from another unidentified source onto the original silent footage. Numerous current and former Capitol Police officials, along with important lawmakers and congressional aides, have confirmed that the closed-circuit cameras used to capture the footage do not record sound and that the audio was added later.



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