Author Topic: ‘Pathogen storm’ of flesh-eating bacteria invading Florida beaches  (Read 564 times)

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‘Pathogen storm’ of flesh-eating bacteria invading Florida beaches

By Alex Mitchell
May 30, 2023

Maybe New York isn’t so bad after all.

Beaches in sunny South Florida are experiencing “the perfect pathogen storm” of flesh-eating bacteria that are washing up on shore, according to new research from Florida Atlantic University.

It’s happening due to a brown and smelly algae known as sargassum, which is intertwining with plastic marine debris and a bacteria called Vibrio. FAU describes the latter as “the dominant cause of death in humans from the marine environment.”

“Our lab work showed that these Vibrio are extremely aggressive and can seek out and stick to plastic within minutes. We also found that there are attachment factors that microbes use to stick to plastics, and it is the same kind of mechanism that pathogens use,” said lead author Tracy Mincer.

“I don’t think at this point, anyone has really considered these microbes and their capability to cause infections.”

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This has been coming in for awhile.  Yes it's been announced that this seaweed has flesh-eating bacteria properties.  Hopefully people are paying attention.

As much as I love the beaches and the Gulf of Mexico, I decided long ago, just to stay out of the water -- bacteria and sharks have been quite enough to keep me out. 

Our sailing days are over and it was a lot of fun while it lasted. 

There are beaches that are more secluded that are beautiful to use.

As for the water -- we had a pool. We've moved and didn't want to afford another pool; there are public pools around and we have a waterpark nearby.  They work out just fine.

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Anybody  that doesn't think that Flesh-Eating Bacteria isn't a real threat has never seen it or doesn't know anyone that has had it.

It's brutal,and not easy  to get rid of.
Anyone who isn't paranoid in 2021 just isn't thinking clearly!