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Texas Senate to hold Paxton impeachment trial no later than Aug. 28

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KXAN by: Will DuPree, Monica Madden 5/29/2023

The Texas Senate will hold the impeachment trial against Attorney General Ken Paxton no later than Aug. 28, according to a resolution adopted Monday evening by a unanimous vote. This action followed the appointment of 12 House members who will effectively serve as prosecutors during the trial.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick also named seven senators Monday evening to serve on a special committee that will outline the rules for the trial to proceed. The chair will be Sen. Brian Birdwell, R-Granbury, while Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa, D-McAllen, will serve as the vice chair. The other members include Sens. Brandon Creighton of Conroe, Pete Flores of Pleasanton, Joan Huffman of Houston, Phil King of Weatherford and Royce West of Dallas.

The committee members are tasked with bringing forward the “rules of procedure” they establish during a meeting of the full Senate now set for June 20. At that time, they will decide what it will take for the Senate to convene as a “court of impeachment.”
Earlier in the afternoon, the Texas House of Representatives approved which 12 of its members will serve as managers. The group includes seven Republicans and five Democrats, including all the members of the House general investigating committee that first recommended articles of impeachment against Paxton over years of alleged misconduct. Here’s a list of the impeachment managers:

•   Rep. Andrew Murr, R-Junction, chair.
•   Rep. Ann Johnson, D-Houston, vice chair.
•   Rep. Charlie Geren, R-Fort Worth.
•   Rep. Joe Moody, D-El Paso.
•   Rep. Terry Canales, D-Edinburg.
•   Rep. Jeff Leach, R-Allen.
•   Rep. Oscar Longoria, D-Mission.
•   Rep. Morgan Meyer, R-Dallas.
•   Rep. Briscoe Cain, R-Houston.
•   Rep. Cody Vasut, R-Angleton.
•   Rep. David Spiller, R-Jacksboro.
•   Rep. Erin Elizabeth Gámez, D-Brownsville.


Now the feds are involved.
--- Quote ---FBI arrests businessman with ties to impeached Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton
By Evan Rosen
New York Daily News
Jun 08, 2023 at 11:27 pm

The FBI has arrested Nate Paul, a businessman at the center of the impeachment of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

The Thursday bust came amid new concerns over the men’s dealings following the release of financial records that Paxton’s lawyers shared with the public in an attempt to dispel allegations of bribery.  ...

His arrest also follows a federal probe into Paxton’s dealings, which had been going on for several years and only recently set off a chain of events that ended in Paxton’s impeachment last month.

Throughout investigations leading up to the impeachment, Paul denied attempting to bribe Paxton, although the attorney general admitted to having an extramarital affair with a woman who Paul employed. ...
--- End quote ---

mountaineer posted:
"Now the feds are involved."

It's the new way, Comrade mountaineer.

Prosecutions such as this will be made political.
Indeed, for The Party to continue to accumulate power, they MUST become political.

Cyber Liberty:
Slow walking, huh?


--- Quote from: Fishrrman on June 09, 2023, 10:01:50 pm ---mountaineer posted:
"Now the feds are involved."

It's the new way, Comrade mountaineer.

Prosecutions such as this will be made political.
Indeed, for The Party to continue to accumulate power, they MUST become political.

--- End quote ---

What I have learned tonight about the Texas House “Special investigators” links directly back to Biden and Merrick Garland.

Our Texas House hired investigators that directly worked under Merrick Garland and The Biden Administration. That’s not a conflict of interest to anyone? The US Attorney General's office to come prosecute Ken Paxton.

Erin Epley just left this year. Mark Donnelly left last year. The Harris County DA’s office …you mean the one funded by George Soros? Let’s not forget Hugh Brady who’s is the House parliamentarian who stands next to Phelan and was a lawyer for Obama.

Team of Five Investigators(and one Assistant)
(Texas House General Investigating Committee)

Erin Epley (Chief Committee Counsel):

-March of this year was a Federal Prosecutor in the United States Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of Texas.
-Currently working in Private Practice.
-Previous to working in the US Attorney’s Office,
worked approximately nine years in the public integrity division of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

Mark Donnelly:

-Has been in private practice the past 1.5 years.
-Previous to that, worked 20 years as a prosecutor.
-The first eight years of those 20, worked in the Harris County District Attorney’s Office in the public integrity division with women on the special committee.
-After working in the Harris County DA’s Office, went to work 12 years as a United States prosecutor for the Southern District of Texas. Lead the government fraud division and the white collar division.
-Also while working in the US Attorney’s Office, spent 4 years as the executive assistant United States Attorney as well as 1.5 years as the Senior Advisor to the acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of Texas.

Donna Cameron:

-Originally licensed in 1984, 35-year attorney.
-Initially worked 25 years in the Harris County DA’s Office.
-Specialties in Harris County DA’s Office included public integrity and white collar crimes.
-Chief Prosecutor over public integrity and major fraud in Harris County DA’s office.
-First Assistant District Attorney in Galveston County and handled major fraud and public integrity matters..
-Has also been a special prosecutor in Montgomery County.

Terese Buess:

-Career criminal prosecutor.
-25 Years with Harris County DA’s Office.
-Previously Division Chief of Public Integrity Division of Harris County DA’s office.
-After Harris County DA’s Office, went to Fort Bend County DA’s Office and created the first public integrity division.
-Most recently has worked as a special prosecutor for Comal County DA’s Office.

Brian Benken:

-Attorney and licensed investigator.
-Started as a prosecutor in Harris County DA’s Office(8 years).
-Went into private practice until 1991.
-Became a licensed investigator and has a practice in both areas.
-Worked high profile cases in Galveston County.

Dan McAnulty (Assistant):

-Licensed Police Officer & Private Investigator.
-Previously Captain with Houston Police Department.


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