Author Topic: Doug Mastriano will not run for Senate in Pennsylvania in 2024  (Read 2149 times)

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Doug Mastriano, the far-right state senator who was blown out in Pennsylvania's gubernatorial contest last fall, announced Thursday that he will not run for Senate in 2024.

"At this time we have decided not to run for Senate, but to continue to serve in Harrisburg," Mastriano said in a video posted on Facebook Thursday.

"So I know for some, that’ll be disappointing. For others, it won’t be disappointing, because you’re like, ‘Who’s going to fill his seat? Who’s going to be our voice in Harrisburg?’ … Whoever is that nominee, I will support them," he added.

Mastriano had been openly considering a Senate bid, much to the consternation of some party leaders who didn't want a repeat of the losses in 2022.

Republicans are trying to knock off Sen. Bob Casey, whose re-election bid in the battleground state will play a key role in Democrats' effort to keep their slim majority in the Senate next year.

Many Republicans are looking to Dave McCormick, a businessman who narrowly lost a GOP Senate primary last year to celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz.

After Mastriano's announcement, McCormick put out a statement saying he was still keeping the door open to running.

"I am seriously considering a run for the U.S. Senate because Bob Casey has consistently made life worse for Pennsylvania families over the past 18 years, and our state deserves better," he said.

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Re: Doug Mastriano will not run for Senate in Pennsylvania in 2024
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I understand Mastriano has endorsed McCormick.
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