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Recognize The Place?



Of Course!
It's the Clampett mansion in Beverly Hills!

Know who owns it now?
The guy responsible for letting Tucker Carlson go ... Son of Rupert Murdoch ... Lachlan Murdoch!

Where's the cement pond?



--- Quote from: Hoodat on May 26, 2023, 02:58:02 am ---Where's the cement pond?

--- End quote ---
Top right had side.

From the Net:

The Beverly Hillbillies had an amazing run of nine seasons, and while audience members were sad to see the show go, they still felt ultimately satisfied by its ending. The famous mansion where the Clampett family lived, however, did not have such a satisfying fate. Its price skyrocketed due to the popularity of the show, and sold for an incredibly high price after the show ended. However, the new owner decided to demolish the original mansion and build a new structure on the property.


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