Author Topic: Democrats: No Border Security Bill Until Citizens Accept More Poor Migrants  (Read 265 times)

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Democrats: No Border Security Bill Until Citizens Accept More Poor Migrants

Neil Munro 24 May 2023

Democrats will block a border security bill until American citizens accept more poor migrants into their workplaces and neighborhoods, Texas Democrat Rep. Barbara Lee told a GOP-led hearing on Tuesday.

“You’re not going to get border security coming first,” Lee told a GOP-picked witness, Rodney Scott, the former chief of the U.S. Border Patrol, who urged legislators to first protect the border before opening up more legal routes for migrants.

She continued:

    You need to be able to balance it. You will not accept a border security and recognizing pathways to legal entry [bill]? … When the late [Sen. ] John McCain, we had a very strong comprehensive bill — and it had border security and the legal pathway.

Lee’s frank statement exposed the core politics of migration: Democrats — and their bipartisan business and media allies — will block any border security bill unless the GOP votes to let them legally import more poor migrant workers, consumers, renters, and poor people who will turn to government agencies for help.

The 1990 immigration laws accept 1 million immigrants and 1 million temporary workers per year. Those complex laws are also being used by President Joe Biden’s deputies to chaotically extract at least 2 million southern migrants each year from poor countries. That vast inflow adds up to slightly more than one migrant for every American birth.

Roughly one-third of Americans favor migration, while more than two-thirds want less migration.

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You first, Barbara.

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I really believe that Lee is so stupid(California Demonrat :whistle:) that she believes her constituents are so stupid that they won't realize how diluted their political power is becoming with the influx of Hispanic illegals.

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With decades of Democrats shipping good paying jobs to China and shipping large numbers of foreigners from down south here to take what jobs there are and burden America with more and more poor, bringing diseases and welfare recipients.  Where i am even recently we have more and more businesses laying off and moving away, we seem to have the utopia of desolation the WOKE mongers have long so greatly desired.  Our enemies loaded with our money and weaponry, while we move closer and closer to economic collapse.  Of course NeverTrumpers and their ilk, who never existed, brought all this on us, so you have no where to blame, but yourselves.  Just like an evil entity that    froze peoples brains to bring about unthinkable destruction.  Of course for blame, they don't exist either, right thinkless?  Food reserves are being and have been destroyed too!
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