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Don't let alcohol spoil your holiday!


unite for individuality:
The following story is completely true.
This actually happened!

Don't let alcohol spoil your holiday.  Like this guy.

It happened in 1988, on Independence Day weekend.
An employee at Wright-Patterson AFB got off work on Thursday afternoon.
He got in his van, and drank enough booze to make him pass out.

The temperature was over 100 degrees F every day that weekend,
so it had to be well over 150 degrees inside the van.
He passed out from the alcohol, and died from a heat stroke.

He sat there through Friday, which was a federal holiday.
The van continued sitting there through Saturday and Sunday.

Monday morning, someone noticed a liquid dripping from the door of the van.
The police were summoned.
When they opened the van, what they found had happened was,
as the body decomposed, the bacteria had released enough gases
to make the body inflate until it exploded,
spraying putrid, liquefied guts throughout the inside of the van.
It smelled bad.
It was decided that NOTHING inside the van could be salvaged,
because everything was so thoroughly contaminated.

So, in the future, if you ever think about getting so drunk
that it might make you pass out,
remember that guy.

Don't let alcohol spoil your holiday!


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