Author Topic: AOC claims McCarthy 'doesn’t have the votes' for debt limit deal after the House passed a bill  (Read 211 times)

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AOC claims McCarthy 'doesn’t have the votes' for debt limit deal after the House passed a bill
by Ryan King, Breaking Politics Reporter |
May 24, 2023 09:47 AM

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) tried to flip the script on House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), claiming he's the one lacking support to advance his debt limit plan.

Although Republicans wrangled through the Limit, Save, Grow Act in a 217-215 vote last month, Ocasio-Cortez said the party lacks support to pass a bill in the Senate and asserted that he "doesn’t have the votes in the House."

"Why would anyone act like Kevin McCarthy has votes right now? He hasn’t done the work," Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. "He doesn’t have the votes for his current proposal in the Senate. He doesn’t have the votes in the House. He doesn’t even have the votes in *his own party.* & GOP are starting to feel that."

Since passing the Limit, Save, Grow Act, McCarthy has needled Democrats over their apparent inability to secure passage of a stand-alone debt limit hike in the Senate.

"A simple way for the Democrats to avoid default is to pass the Limit, Save, Grow Act in the Senate," McCarthy tweeted Tuesday. "With just 9 days left to go, Republicans remain the only ones in Washington who have actually done anything to lift the debt limit and avoid default."

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Why on Earth would any rational person think that a dipshit like AOC would have any insight into what the GOP does, or does not, have?
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She's nothing more than hot air and a drama queen.   00drama
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And let the record show that AOC voted AGAINST raising the debt ceiling.
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I don't refer to any woman as an  a$$hole. But in her case I will make an exception.
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AOC is so dense that light bends around her.
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AOC is so dense that light bends around her.


True,but BOTH she and Biden got elected and are in power.

What does THAT say about the honestly of our electoral system?

It's hard to beat both a corrupt and "fixed" electoral system AND a ignorant and/or retarded electorate that doesn't understand or even want to know about reality.

One day "The band will stop playing" (the dollar will die and our economy will totally collapse),and that WILL be the end of America as a free nation.

AND........,that is the freaking PLAN of the DNC and their Globalist masters. They have succeeded so far because "We,the people" let them because we DO believe in fairness and open discussion,but it went WAAAAY beyond that.

I honestly think it might be too late to change things.
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