Author Topic: RFK Jr: “Weaponized” FBI “Tried to Destroy a Sitting President”  (Read 153 times)

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RFK Jr: “Weaponized” FBI “Tried to Destroy a Sitting President”
By: Jason Walsh
May 23, 2023
Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr (RFK Jr) said the “weaponized” FBI used a “matrix of lies” to try and “destroy a sitting president.”

RFK Jr was responding to journalist Matt Taibbi’s reporting on the recent Durham report, which confirmed bogus charges of “Russian collusion” against the Trump campaign, concluding the FBI had no grounds to launch the investigation against the president.

“This is no partisan skirmish,” Kennedy tweeted.

“It is about the political weaponization of the FBI to destroy a candidate and then a sitting President.”

“It’s about a matrix of lies so elaborate as to make a mockery of the democratic ideal of an informed citizenry.”
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So far, RFK Jr. has been very vocal and truthful.  I have to hand it to him.  I think he's brave in doing so considering his family's history.
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