Author Topic: Dems in Disarray: Flailing Biden Is Losing the Debt Ceiling Showdown  (Read 93 times)

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Dems in Disarray: Flailing Biden Is Losing the Debt Ceiling Showdown

Guy Benson
May 22, 2023

The likeliest resolution to this standoff remains a last-minute deal struck between the White House and Speaker McCarthy, which will garner enough bipartisan votes to get through Congress.  Conservatives and progressives will oppose it, but rank-and-file members will hold their noses and push the agreement through, with leaders on each side pointing to various details and concessions while declaring victory.  The debt ceiling will be raised.  Some form of very modest spending restraint will be imposed.  And Washington will collectively head off toward the next regularly-scheduled fiscal cliff.  We've seen movies like this before, so the outcome doesn't feel like a mystery. 

But Democrats' plan hasn't worked thus far.  Led by the president, they've refused to negotiate for months, assuming that the raucous House Republican conference wouldn't be able to coalesce behind any plan.  The expectation was that Democrats could point to GOP dysfunction while ramping up public pressure, aided by the media, for a 'clean' debt ceiling hike.  The Republicans are legislative arsonists and can't govern, so this is the only responsible path.  But then the lower chamber flipped the dynamic on its head by passing a reasonable bill to somewhat constrain federal spending while raising the debt limit for approximately one year.  That happened weeks ago.  Democrats still haven't quite adjusted to that reality, offering incoherent messaging that simply ignores new realities:

After months of declining to negotiate, President Biden finally relented and agreed to talks, then left the country.  Those discussions broke down in recent days, with 'multiple' issues being cited.  The two sides are stuck at an impasse, as discussions continue.  Democrats may cling to their non-viable game plan of endlessly blaming Republicans as the June cut-off looms, but the fact remains is that one party has taken action to prevent default with legislation, while the party in power steadfastly refuses to deal with the facts as they exist, including the salient one that a majority of American voters elected a GOP-run House of Representatives last fall.  The people asked for divided government, and divided government requires compromise.  Biden's approval ratings are already strikingly poor, and any combination of a default and/or a recession could be politically fatal.  He's the president.  If an unresolved debt ceiling battle results in an economic meltdown of some sort, the buck will ultimately stop with him.  Good luck with this, Joe:

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