Author Topic: NBC News NBC News 4 New Hampshire Republicans who endorsed Trump 19 days ago are now backing Ron De  (Read 110 times)

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In late April, Juliet Harvey-Bolia, a Republican New Hampshire state representative, was one of dozens of elected officials whose endorsements former President Donald Trump announced at a packed rally in Manchester.

On Tuesday, officials at Never Back Down, the super PAC backing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, said Harvey-Bolia is throwing her support to their guy. She is one of four New Hampshire legislators — the others are Reps. Brian Cole, Lisa Smart and Debra DiSimone — whom Never Back Down identified as flipping from Trump to DeSantis as it rolled out endorsements from 51 lawmakers in the state who signed a pledge to back DeSantis.


The bleeding continues as people realize that Trump is a has been simply recycling the past and out of material. Time to move on to younger, fresher leadership.
We are two countries now.

Go with the army you got.

We have wandered into the territory of dictatorship.

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What's important is that it becomes a two-candidate race as quickly as possible.  The more early support DeSantis gets, the more likely that happens.

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