Author Topic: Ron DeSantis calls for GOP to reject 'culture of losing' at Feenstra Family Picnic  (Read 53 times)

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Ron DeSantis calls for GOP to reject 'culture of losing' at Feenstra Family Picnic

by Mabinty Quarshie, National Politics Correspondent 
May 13, 2023 02:17 PM

SIOUX CENTER — Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) called for the Republican Party to reject a 'culture of losing' at the Feenstra Family Picnic hosted by Rep Randy Feenstra (R-IA).

"I think the hope is both Florida and Iowa show [that] strong leadership and a bold agenda can defeat the left in this country," said DeSantis speaking at Dean Family Classic Car Museum on a cloudy Saturday afternoon. "But there's no substitute for victory. We must reject the culture of losing that has infected our party in recent years."

"The time for excuses is over," he added in a subtle dig at a looming factor hanging over the Florida governor.

The Feenstra event in Iowa comes as DeSantis mulls a presidential campaign to dethrone former President Donald Trump's hold over the GOP primary base and as DeSantis and Trump hold dueling events roughly 121 miles apart Saturday night. The former president is holding a traditional campaign rally in Des Moines while DeSantis speaks at a Republican Party Iowa fundraiser with Iowa GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann in Cedar Rapids.

No government in the 12,000 years of modern mankind history has led its people into anything but the history books with a simple lesson, don't let this happen to you.