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10 Years Later, Would Gosnell’s ‘House Of Horrors’ Be The Norm In Post-Roe America?


10 Years Later, Would Gosnell’s ‘House Of Horrors’ Be The Norm In Post-Roe America?
Ten years ago we accidentally walked into a Philadelphia courtroom and discovered the story of an abortionist who was also a serial killer.
 By: Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney
May 13, 2023
The Federalist
--- Quote ---Ten years ago today, abortionist Kermit Gosnell was convicted by a Philadelphia jury for performing illegal late-term abortions and murdering three babies born alive by snipping their spines with scissors. Investigators believe he killed hundreds if not thousands of babies in a 30-year killing spree.

The Gosnell court case became a media sensation for a while because the world’s media refused to cover it. Journalists and their outlets were accused on social media of not wanting to cover negative abortion stories. Eventually, they were shamed into covering the trial.

These days there seems to be no such reticence about covering abortion, or rather, in covering certain abortion stories.

Since Gosnell and particularly since Roe v. Wade was overturned there has been story after story about women whose lives have been negatively impacted because they live in states that have brought in abortion bans or restrictive laws. Hollywood has helped out too with movies, miniseries, and a slew of network prime-time shows dramatizing the plight of women they say are unable to get an abortion in the new post-Roe world. Planned Parenthood even has a full-time staff member based in Hollywood whose only job is to help writers craft the storylines.

But the stories have concentrated on certain states that have virtually banned abortion whilst ignoring the trend of increasingly permissive abortion laws being passed in very many states.

There is an untold abortion story that is being ignored. ...
--- End quote ---
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PeteS in CA:
The Gosnell charnel house was a confluence of several factors, chief among them being Gosnell's greed and ghoulishness, and bureaucrats' laziness and being too committed to abortion to make sure abortuaries met minimal health and cleanliness standards. Greed, ghoulishness, laziness, and abortion true-believerism is still around, and therefore there all but certainly are unexposed Gosnell-like charnel houses, probably in multiple states.


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